Outdoor/Wilderness Therapy

“The Wilderness is healing, a therapy for the soul.” – Nicholas Kristof

Numerous studies have shown the positive impact natural environments have on peoples’ physical and emotional well being. ​

We live in an age were many individuals are confined to spending most of their day indoors, in front of screens and under artificial lights. Connecting with nature is vital to prevent and manage emotional issues whilst also providing other health benefits. 

​Outdoor/Nature/Wilderness Therapy is a form of therapy which is delivered outdoors, its purpose is to allow the individual to experience the restorative effect of nature whilst reflecting on the issues that have been affecting him or her. Spending time in nature directly affects the parasympathetic nervous system and can have a calming and relaxing effect, heightening self-awareness and increase a sense of wellbeing. ​

Similar to traditional therapy, nature based therapy’s goal is to increase a persons emotional resilience and flexibility in the face of adversity whilst also reestablishing a persons connection with nature and their inner self. 

​I practice as a nature-based therapist throughout Scotland with the Wilderness Foundation

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